The Daily Digit is an animated dataviz show that "tells the story behind the numbers that make our world work". I helped develop this show for Yahoo News with Alie Steward and head of Oath Studios animation department, Miguel Mir. The show is currently being produced/written by Sam Matthews  and animated by Joe Riccobono . Check back to this page for the latest episode!   

Today we’re looking at what Netflix’s $8 billion bet on original content means for the future of streaming.

Today we’re looking at the mind-boggling fortune of the world’s richest man: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Today we’re looking at the surge in the number of women running for Congress in 2018.

Today we’re looking at the great lengths and expense that the city of San Francisco goes to to keep its streets clean from human waste and drug needles.

Today we’re looking at the United States' illegal drug of choice: marijuana.

Today we're looking at a growing trend in real estate: More than one-third of homebuyers are making offers sight unseen.

Today we’re looking at Hollywood’s diversity problem. Though minorities make up 37.1 percent of the U.S. population, only 13.9 percent of lead roles in Hollywood films go to people of color. A new study from CAA shows that’s bad for business.

Today we’re looking at everyone's favorite generation to criticize: millennials. According to a new study, 24.1 percent of millennials with full-time jobs get financial assistance from their parents to pay bills — but there's more to the story than avocado toast and music festivals.

Today we’re looking at extinction. Last week, the last male northern white rhino died, leaving little hope for the species. How did we go from thousands of northern white rhinos to just 2 in only a century?

With a teachers’ strike narrowly avoided in Oklahoma overnight, we're looking at how public school teachers are paid in the United States.

Today we're looking at America's love for tying one on. According to a new study from the CDC, nearly one-fifth of Americans binge-drink on a regular basis — and the effects on the economy will give you a hangover.

Today we’re looking at the world’s ultrarich. According to a study from Oxfam, 82% of all wealth created in 2017 went to the world’s wealthiest 1% — whereas the poorest 50% of the world gained no wealth at all.

Today we're looking at life expectancy in the United States, which has gone down for the third time in as many years. So why are Americans dying earlier today?

Today we're looking at the $16 million in unpaid parking fines owed to New York City by drivers with U.N. diplomat license plates.

Today we're looking at a 600,000-square-mile swath of the Pacific Ocean that's littered with plastic debris. It's called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and new data shows that it's more than 16 times larger than once thought. The garbage patch has been steadily growing since plastics hit the market in the 1950s. This summer, a nonprofit called The Ocean Cleanup will launch its first mission to reduce the patch's size.

Today we’re looking into the not-so-distant future, just six years from now, when SpaceX CEO Elon Musk says the company will send its first manned missions to Mars. 

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